TS1 KSAN open

Come help me practice for IFATC.

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A quieter airport on TS2 would be more suited to your training, but I’ll drop by now nonetheless.

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I was on approach and whew, they just ditched it and went strait for tower.

I like controlling busy airports.

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Are you still there?

For twenty minutes more.

I’ll be on Depature, so if you could send them over to me. Thanks.

You’re saying you want to practice for your IFATC but patterns are unable? If they’ll do an practical test on you they probably will do pattern work.

But then, not only are there many nimrod pilots who don’t make for a particuarly productive learning environment, but you have to deny pattern work- As you did with me. You’re not going to get much good feedback or training if you don’t accept my request for pattern work.

That being said, if you would like to now open a quiter airport on TS2, rather promptly, then I’ll more than happily fly and give you any feedback necessary.

Thanks for the service anyway. @C_Baccari

Didn’t want to deal with a load of pattern works. Not realistic

Well pattern work is a very realistic and likely prospect in you practical, but suit yourself :)

They can do pattern work, just at a different airport.
Also with peanuts, don’t want to allow patterns.

I’m simply saying it might be a good idea to go somewhere quiet where controllers such as myself can actually do pattern work, and give you some good feedback.

It’s fine saying they can go to a different airport, but you can’t just say that during your test.

Well why choose the most nimrod populated airport on TS1 to train at?

Anyways…You know where I am if you want some proper practice.

Most peanut populated airport: KNUC
Yes, TS1 is bad, but at least you can learn to deal with pilots. Only reason I didn’t want to allow pattern work was because I didn’t want peanuts who were inbound from outside the airspace to be cutting off pattern work. I don’t trust peanuts. Probably when I get closer to age 14 I will start doing TS2 controlling.

If you want to be tested for the IFATC test the scouts will request pattern work. If you say “unable pattern work” you will fail.

And btw I was Turkish 1957

Yeah, I realized that after I actually let you takeoff.

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