TS1 flights

Anyone want to do group flights I will spawn in at San Diego file a flight plan to Palm Springs then fly down to San Clemente to finish it off anyone interested comment below :)

SoCal TS1 is not my thing. However, you are more than welcome to fly with the large amount of people in Hawaii on Expert :)

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I’ll pass thanks for the offer tough ;)

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Want to do Amsterdam TS1?

Yeah I’m easy I’ll fly a 777-300 Qatar from which airport ?

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go to EDDL. Im already flying. Come join us!

I can’t see you there

Our Final dest. is EHAM. Im circling the airport to wait for u. Im SB 223. I see u. I have someone as tower and ground at EHAM

I’ll get someone as atc for u. tell me how well he does

i see u at EDDL k:) ()

Im circling the airport. Again I have ATC for u at EDDL. Tell me how he does.

Change the FPL to EDLV as your acting leg

Im going to pick up my little brother. ill still be flying:) when u get to FL220 go at 340 SPD. Ill be back on the forum in 10

Im going to continue flying, thx for the short flight!