TS1 ATC Problems

So we all know that we have IFATC but on expert server doesn’t have as many ATC open(which is totally understandable) but on TS1 it needs to be a little realistic. I know that TS1 is for training and learning from mistakes but still there shouldn’t be people who are there for ruining the experience. For example I was approaching Auckland intl. While I was 60 nm the ATC requested me to contact him but we all know that tower is not available until 30 mm he kept on repeating the message which was really annoying. This is very upsetting and I know I should fly on expert but the ATC is sometimes only open on ts1

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Unfortunately since this is on Training Server, there nothing you or us really can do about it! Also, people will come on as ATC just to troll people and be irritaing because they think its “cool”! Unfortunately the report button was removed from the Training Server due to people abusing it and now only IFATC on the Expert as well as staff/mods can report people

Can you remember who the controller was?

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I agree, I have been practicing and training to become an IFATC just to overthrow this problem. I too don’t usually fly on expert for these reasons.

I know it’s frustrating, however we it’s important to have ATC on the TS available to everyone because aspiring controllers do need somewhere to learn their skills.

Limiting users’ ability to control on the TS would start a vicious cycle. There’d be nowhere for the users to practice controlling, so in turn people would have to be applying to IFATC having never controlled before. That would mean that there would be less IFATC controllers (as the flow of new controllers would be stemmed as most users will fail the test having had no practice), and there would be very few TS controllers as they’d need to take a test (or something similar) in order to be able to control there, which they wouldn’t have been able to practice for.

Unfortunately there’s no systematic way of distinguishing between users who are practicing and trolls. The way flight simulators work require a place to for controllers to train - otherwise there’d be effectively no able controllers at all. It’s a problem throughout the flight sim industry, and pretty much the only way to train up future controllers (that’s been discovered) is to have a training server like this. It’s hindering to the pilot experience, but there’s nothing else that can be done.


I understand

Maybe pilots can have a report button but like many pc games the reason stated will be read by the authorities and then the person could be reported


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