TS1 ATC Closed @ KDEN

Sup dudes,
I’m just heading out to the great airport of DEN for some ATC practice. If @ben or @kevin would like to hop on and help I wouldn’t mind :) or anyone’s really who thinks they can handle approach/departure/center.

Runways in Use Today:

RWY: 35L and RWY 34R for departures ONLY!_
RWY 17R and RWY 34L for pattern work ONLY!

Come test me out and leave feedback! See you there.


FYI: Practicing at larger airports doesn’t always yield good practice. Just a thought. Good luck though!


I know but I got tricks up my sleeve. Thanks :)

^ You could always come down to Hawaii and get some nice weather practice. :)


I don’t have that region sadly

Thank you @Sam_Keast for stopping by. Sorry for the nimrod pilots lol.

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My pleasure @SkyHighGuys tad windy out there… haha.

Couldn’t fault you. Perfect runway change btw. Something I really appreciate. 👍🏻

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I’m glad I could oblige. Yeah I saw you spin out on the runway lol. D I gave you that change because of the inbound grade 1. Didn’t want a collision on my hands ;). Have a blessed day.

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Haha yes I failed. No excuses for me ;)

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