TS still messed up

So I was controlling at Hamad International (OTHH) and it started off as a normal session, busy traffic obviously but a few minutes in half of the aircrafts would disappear and then come back spawned where they previously were right where I approved another aircraft to pushback thinking that they just ended their flight. Another thing I saw was that there was an aircraft that lost connection but I could still somewhat contact him. Pilot was Ifly128

I checked my connection and it is good, I still think that server is still messed up even after the restart and everything yesterday.


The training server sometimes needs a restart, as it is currently having some connection issues with InfiniteFlight’s servers. Hang on tight, I think a staff member should be here to restart soon!

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At LAX yesterday on TS I’d notice large volumes of aircraft disappear and reappear

TS has a few hiccups right now but I’m sure the staff can fix it