TS reports

As I was controlling at EGLL at the TS, almost half the people listened. I just wished that there are some of the reports that are in the ES. They shouldn’t be like a suspension or something just a warning. I know that this is the TS but the next server is the expert server and I don’t really want people coming to the ES and getting reported at the first flight. If you disagree w/ me, truly fine and understandable but, if you DO agree, plz prease that vote button.

Idk y that last sentence sounded like a youtuber trying to get more people to subscrible. lol

This has been something that has been discussed in the past and I can totally understand where it is you’re coming from. The reason why this hasn’t been implemented is due to the fact that this could be abused. We’re aware that we have a few people who will spam the frequency with unnecessary commands or announcements. If Infinite Flight were to enable this warning and/or even allow reporting to take place on this server, it would only cater and make those who play on the server lives all that more unpleasant as people would ultimately get a warning and/or report for no actual and valid reason.

This is different than that of the expert server as we vet and hold folks to a high standard. Those who abuse this feature are reminded that they will be removed from IFATC and such forth.