TS pilots learning

This guys spammed frequency and parked across runways, what can you do? Spoilt a really good session in ATC

It is training server, so unfortunately you can’t do much of anything. If you would like a good training session, I would recommend opening at smaller less-used airports

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing.

You can however join the IFATC team which controls on the expert server. Check them out here:

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Yeah, a lot of trolls will do that. However, on training server, there is not much we can do. I am sorry.

I need 500 operations before I can join, I will when I get them 👍🏼


In the meantime, I would recommend making an ATC Tracking thread here on the community and control airports that aren’t so mainstream (avoid places like KLAX,EGLL, etc.) You can announce what airports you will be controlling via your tracking thread, and quality pinots from the community can come and fly at your airport :)

Yah, this happened alot in training server. There’s pretty much nothing you can do about it, just focus on other traffic so they don’t crash in to each others. Once you qualified for the requirement for IFATC, then you can take the tests and control in expert server! Good Luck!

Ok I will try, but I’m in UK and not many people travel out of Heathrow lol

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I will airchina, thanks

As others have said, open an ATC tracking thread and open smaller airport’s, good examples might be the likes of San Diego, Vienna, etc or even smaller. Announce it on your tracking thread and you will see people from the community coming. This will also get you a lot of valuable feedback from the pilots which you can use to improve.

Just remember to stay open for some amount of time, to allow the traffic to build up, ideally around an hour at least.


I swear the title said TS idiots

Here are some great smaller airports:

  • EDDL
  • KSSC
  • KVAD
  • EHAM (app and dep)
  • EGLC

Nothing you can on TS server. It is there for people to learn. As others have said go to airports with less traffic you will find less trolls.

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