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Often when I fly with someone, they ask if I want to fly on TS or TS1. They explain to me that one has ATC and the other does not. But when I’m in IF all I see is a Casual, Training, and Expert server. Could someone explain to me what the real difference is and where I can find the other server?

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TS1 is ussualy a overflow server. When the regular training server has too much people, TS1 opens. Your friend is wrong, both training servers can have ATC coverage at any time. The controller just wants to control in a busier airspace, why they choose to control on TS rather thank TS1.


TS = Training Server.

It’s called TS1 because we used to have a second Training Server a while back due to extreme load on the first one. It was removed once the load decreased, i think it was around the 787 update.


Thanks so much for the support! So there is no TS1? My only choices are casual, training, and expert?

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No, there isn’t. It’s just a saying that haven’t found it’s way into history yet :)

This is confusing…

TS1 just sounds cooler than TS I guess


Why did the demand/load decrease?


Let’s just say TS and TS1 are the same thing.

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I’m also curious!!!:)

See the demand increased due to the release of the 787 update and once the update for about a weeek or so the demand decreased

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