TS MYGF atc session

On TS MYGF was extremely busy because of everyone wanting to fly into hurricane Dorian. So I decided to control there. Worst decision ever. 20 people coming in from every direction at the same time, I just ended up leaving. It didn’t even last five minutes until I had enough. If you want a headache then I suggest you try this.


So now again we have people flying into airports in hurricanes for the purpose of fun and just trying to fly in the wind
Not so surprising in-fact I kinda want to join them

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In the left, you can see an sr22 nosediving

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Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty was blown off the wall…

I was there and it was crazy, I was even put in a stall on approach due to the excessive wind. If you try to land, hope for the best. 🤞🏼😬


Unfortunately nothing can be done to fix this, training server is a training environment, hence why some people may not be aware of the rules there, i suggest looking for a calmer airport in the future if you’re training for IFATC, or if you just don’t want a headache.

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Yeah I controlled MYGF for an hour. Surprisingly all but 2 followed commands. It was so much pattern work though, I was keeping it professional.

It was a mess at first, but slowly got it into shape, and if you’ve ever seen a plane land backwards, then here it is…

I’d say I did a pretty good job handling traffic. I did quickly exit and come back though, this was the first half.


Yes, that was to be expected. I was there on Casual server a few mins ago, and the chaos of (crashing) aircrafts was simply indescribable. Trying to control this, would be similar to attempt to control a nest of ants 🐜

Why not produce a movie of the session fast forwarded, and show it here for a laugh.


I couldn’t get aligned with the runway in the 737. 89 mph crosswind…

Yeah, I’m not complaining about it I know ts I mad and I just wanted to share it, but even this is mad for ts, maybe even for cs too

Interesting, 90% of people didn’t even bother tuning in when I tried

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I asked one to contact, and made a mistake on one which I thought was on right downwind, but actually flying past to Miami at 10,000ft. I’m actually proud and surprised of how good the pilots were responding. Also because I wasnt a troll controller 😂. The runways needed changing but I knew no one would taxi to it (you’d have to back taxi) and because so many were inbound from Miami.

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