TS Live Server Error [PLS HELP!]

Hello! I have now live server error, how to solve it? It says Disconnected NetworkError… But Network is fine…

At this moment i’m in flight… in Long Haul from SFO to AMS… 2 hours remaining… i don’t have any violations… i don’t have active VNAV… e.t.c

Global server says i’m OK but Live…

If it says Network Error - it suggests that there is something wrong with your network.

But my network working fine… i’m texting from PC with same Wi-Fi… i tried disable Wi-Fi and 4G it’s not help.

Could it be that you were disconnected from Infinite Flight for a long time? E.g. the message came that your battery is empty etc. Then Infinite Flight pauses and you may not be able to come back to the live server.

no it’s charging all night.

That was just an example. What I mean by that is that some system news has come. Software update or a message from another app …

no… NOTHING… ok… the problem was is my IF updated automatically to 988… no longer need help… thanks.