TS isn’t connecting

So I was trying to do ATC at KLAX, G+T, and it is not connecting.

It has been sitting like this for the past 10 minutes.

I have already tried restarting my device but it still isn’t connecting.

Device: IPad Mini 5

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It’s being investigated


Okay thanks so much, have a great rest of your day!

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Different issue. It’s not responding right now and we’re checking now.

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Okay thanks for letting me know, have a great day!

My bad, thought it had something to do with the issues from earlier. Thanks for the swift update!

Thanks for your patience folks, really sorry about the intermittent availability here recently. The server should be back online.

I’ll be doing another round of fixes and optimisations this week for the Training Server ahead of the holidays, so hopefully we should see some improvements in stability very soon. Appreciate your patience, and sorry for the frustration in the meantime


I’ve noticed TS has suffered the most out of the servers

A while ago there was even an “old training server” entry in LiveFlight

It has been the one causing us the most trouble recently, that’s for sure.

We had to migrate to a new server last month due to a hardware failure, this is why :)