TS is down

I know I’m not the only one experiencing this issue as I have discussed it within a VA but as the Title suggests the TS is down. All other servers are working so I don’t know what’s going on

Hope we can get it fixed soon :)

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Checked on mine, same issue.

Probably server update give it 10

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Odd that only TS1 is down though. I thought all 3 go down at the same time.

It allows people to continue playing on the others, My money is that the other will go down later

Not if they are all separate. Each server is its own entity.

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Nope they all work independently I believe. Usually it’s the expert server which goes down.

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Reported to developers. Thanks!


Tyler’s On it like a car bonnet

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1886 called, they want their saying back.

Can others verify that they can’t launch a session on the TS? I’m able to without issue.


Anyone have any idea how long it might be down?

I can fly there. No XP tho…

I can to, but another guy I’m talking to can’t right now

The poor TS1 noobs are probably on Casual now


Laura is rebooting the server at this time. Expect a brief interruption to service, then we all should be good to go. Please report further issues here.

Ensure you’ve completely closed and relaunched the app if it persists in roughly 3-5 minutes. :)


Tried as soon as this post was up and just tried again.


Spawned on TS1 at KLAX and I’m in

where are you @Tyler_Shelton?

About as long as it takes to reboot the server…

Server is on 0% right now so I’d guess no, maybe beta build let’s you

  • I can connect to the Training Server without issue.
  • I cannot connect to the Training Server.

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