TS behaviour

Am I able to report if someone doesn’t do what there told and just does whatever in TS of so I would like to do it with replay files and if I should report them on the form should I say it in a dm to a modorater?

Unless there is blatant trolling then the mods usually won’t act upon it given it’s the training server. PM one and discuss it with them.

A wise man once said:

Reporting inappropriate behavior on Training Server is as effective as vacuuming the Sahara Desert.

I’m afraid you won’t be able to do much here. It’s TS. I don’t like it either because it’s simply only chaos over there. But it is what it is. Expert is like a different world.


OK cause I did find someone who acted like my atc service was not there

HA! I couldn’t help but laugh at this

Lol why is that?

Nothing we can do bud.

Just try and reach all the grade 3 requirements and to will have access to Expert. You won’t regret it.

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Boi I’m grade 4 for ages boiiiiiii

Why do people hate TS, we all went thru that stage

How many ghosting do you have?

Because there’s a difference between learning and trolling.


Teach me your ways Mr. Miyagi. I like this analogy.


I have 0 ima a good boi and I can access it all I’m fine just the atc is allowed for all on ts

I agree there is a difference between those two things but one can almost never tell

Ahh gotcha well like how Chatta said if it’s blatant you can report to a mod other than that we can’t do anything

Children…we must wait for deer crushers words of wisdom

@Officer_Nick I can’t really add much other than what some of your helpful community members already stated. No sense in me repeating what they’ve said again. But on TS mods/staff are currently the only folks who are able to report other users. Other pilots and controllers cannot when on TS.