TS ATC Question

In this picture what operations would you use on the ground or in the air as an air traffic controller

I hope this is the correct picture 😔…please help me be a better ATC 😔


Uh… I’m a bit confused on what you’re asking.

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Runways we can use for departures and arrivals…😔

Oh. Well, the green runways are favorable (optimal wind and weather conditions) for takeoff and landing. The yellow ones are for conditions that aren’t as great, where taking off and landing might require use of the rudder. The red runways are not suitable, but remember, they are not closed, just not optimal in terms of weather conditions.

So in this case, runways 04 and 05 are optimal, 16L and 16R are possible to take off and land in despite the sub-par conditions. And 22, 34L, 34R, and 23 are not suitable for takeoff and landing.


Technically it’s completely up to the controller for what works best. Knowing the layout, id likely focus on the 16’s and if someone wanted to go to 4 or 5 they can taxi there if they’d like.

If the airports busy, focus on the parallels for inbound if you can. 4 and 5 aren’t in great spots at RJTT


I was thinking about 16s for departures and 22 and 23 for arrivals … with this picture with that be correct

On the training server there’s not much traffic where you’ll need separate runways for deps and arrivals. I’d just stick with the 16’s for deps and arrivals

Not exactly. For takeoff, try using 04 and 05. Optimal conditions are easiest for pilots. For landing, the 16s are a good choice. If the colors are yellow or green, they should work.

That’s interesting because according to the flight radar 24 16’s are rarely or never used for arrivals

Personally I would land 16s since they are parallels, and then send departures to 16s also, but also look at their destination to send them to 04 based on their direction of departure.

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A perfect situation to consider IF traffic compared to real world traffic.

In real life, the traffic avoids the 16’s because of conflict pattern with RJAA.

In IF, if it’s featured then you consider where traffic will spawn and then come up with a plan

Spawns usually happen by “green” runways because everyone thinks that means open rather than favorable.

So most of your traffic will spawn by 4 and 16R. Thus you can push inbound to 16L and R, deps on 4 and 16R and then have the aircraft on 4 take off as if they are intersecting. Just like JFK except slanted


So 16s for departures and 22 and 23 for arrivals is an incorrect operation 🤔 according to this picture… oh forgot to mention noise restrictions…SID and STAR procedures

Yeah because you’re gonna get a noise complaint by the many many people living next to the airport in IF🤦‍♂️

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