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I’ve been controlling a lot in Training Server these days. One thing I noticed, combined with my experienced when I was Grade 2 flying in Training Server, is that there lacks a function for the ATC and the “new” pilots to teach and learn from another. Training Server is designed to be a place for both pilots and ATC to train. However, there’s no way for the ATC, like me, to let the pilots know that they’ve made a mistake, and vice versa. A result of this is that pilots will keep making the same mistakes and not learn. When they join Expert Server unaware of their mistake, like what happened to myself when I first joined, results in ghosting. I don’t have a specific solution to how a learning system should function, but I thought it is a problem worth discussing.


I think it is more a matter of the pilot or ATC just randomly using that command and confusing either ATC or the Pilot or for bugging them and annoying them.

I understand that. I just feel that the Training Server is not functioning the purpose of “Training”. More like a casual server with ATC.

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I know how you feel, but most people their just want to mess around and act like it is Casual. They just don’t care because there is not any real consequence like removed for a week from the server.

If someone makes a mistake, you can send them the “check help pages” command, and see if they do come here to check the tutorials.

The thing is there isn’t a button like that in TS ATC, so there’s no way letting the pilot know if they make a mistake.

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It’s been removed with the latest update.

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You just have to find the right places to train, nothing more that you can do. 🙂

Ah. Well in that case, I guess there’s not much ou can do.

Shameless plug for IFATC, where you can tell pilots to look up what they’re doing wrong:

I agree that’s a valid point. Whilst the ultimate aim for Pilots and ATC is to gain access to the Expert Server there runs the risk that if they don’t know they are doing something wrong then they will get ghosted / violations and been thrown out. Therefore the training server isn’t always training! ( well it did used to be called the Pkayground!)

One possible solution that might be considered is that ATC on TS is only open to G3 and above, therefore at least the pilots will have a bit of faith that the ATC has some experience of IF and the rules required.

Perhaps G2 could be given access to the smaller fields whilst G3 and above could be given to access to Bravo fields? A bit like the old ‘standings’ we had at first live! Now I am showing my age!

There’s a reason for the flying and ATC tutorials on the Infinite Flight youtube channel

Air Traffic Control Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIfsC6cU503Zwda4ZcurnPSt

Flight Training: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPK_42U0EhIcMnl5fXdwqxC0B6X2AE8Hl

Thanks for sharing, but I don’t think that was question from the original poster. His point is that is no way to provide feedback between a Pilot and ATC on the Training server, and therefore you could continue to make mistakes and not know until your first time on Expert and you get ghosted!

Previously you did have the option as ATC to tell a pilot on TS to ‘Check ATC help pages’, which might give a hint to someone that perhaps they hadn’t done things quite right…


You can come to join IFATCEG Here we help and learn from each other ATC Education Group 😉

And also if they use those tutorials they wouldnt make mistakes

But you need to be able to tell people to read and use the tutorials. That’s the crux of the post :-)

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I have noticed that some commands dont appear when i am controlling on TS such as please follow instructions or check forums etc…
Where as i hear Expert ATC use them

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Yeah I’d love to yell at TS pilots to check help when remaining in the pattern with a flightplan, or tell them to take 5 minutes to look up back taxiing (sending them down the runway to the correct end since they taxiied to the wrong end in the first place is when I end up using it…course if they can’t even get runway headings right I am aiming way too high, but to get them to at least realize something is wrong)

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