TS ATC is crazy

I was just controlling at EGLL and it was mad, like if you showed the replay to a beginner they would think it was CS there should be a way to enforce the rules better for TS.

Ex. 1: entering the RWY without permission

Ex. 2: landing without permission

Ex. 3: landing on the wrong RWY

Ex. 4: doing pattern work after I said no pattern work

All of the examples above are what I experienced in the 30 min I was controlling, and each example happened around 4-5 times.


Unfortunately, TS is the Training Server where the only rules enforced are handled by Level 1 violations issued by the server, hence the “training” aspect of it. I understand that this may not be very fun, but if you want to delve more into the ATC side of things, I would recommend taking a look at joining IFATC, the Expert Server ATC team. There is not really another way to enforce these rules on the Training server though.


Ok thank you


You got it! If you ever have any ATC questions, I can definitely try to help you out in the future, so feel free to make another topic or PM me :)


Wilco thx.

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In addition to looking into IFATC I would also recommend making a tracking thread and you will get community members more likely to obey the rules when you are controlling so long as it’s not a popular airport such as EGLL 😁


Yes! However, tracking threads (unless I read incorrectly) are for those trying to join IFATC as it states in the “About ATC Category” topic:

So I would start the recruitment/training process and you will be controlling in no time :)


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