TS ATC Ignorance

Thank you for the developers who have allowed us who control on TS server and get to IGNORE grade 3-5 who treat our TS server as THIER CASUAL server when we have given NOTAMS and they ignore them and our operations are not threatening any aircraft even if they don’t agree with them and we are correct (based on our NOTAMS) Grade 2 gets a pass being you just came from the casual server😂😂😂😂🛫

It’s Training nothing can be sone, sorry mate… 🤷🏻‍♂️


I used to know how you feel. I now know how it feels to have aircraft follow instructions as an IFATC, so I would keep practicing, and eventually work your way to IFATC, if you work towards IFATC, I wish you luck on your quest to become IFATC

What are you trying to say exactly? I’m very confused.


Grades 3-5 will totally ignore your operations and NOTAMS but want ATC service on the TS… they treat TS as THIER playground. Grade 2 I can understand but other than that the other grades need to behave✈️😂😂😂

I disagree. I think that most grade 3-5 will listen to ATC IF the controller knows what they are doing. The problem with the training server is that ATC doesn’t always know what they’re doing. That’s why we have #tutorials and a forum to help them. I’m not saying you don’t know what you’re doing, but that most 3-5s will respect ATC on the training server. If we really want to goof around, then we’ll head to casual.


All I hear is follow ATC instructions on expert but believe me some of us controlling on TS do know what we are doing too

I’m still learning but it’s really bad when you give NOTAMS and certain grades don’t follow them because the know they won’t have anything happen to them

Grades 3-5 are grades 3-5 for a reason @Jeodanie_Smith, it means they are more professional and mature when handling themselves in any aircraft. I wouldn’t say that they ignore instructions. And to be honest, grades two and one make TS a "playground_. Those are grade 3-5 may ignore rules that they know they can’t follow. I have to agree with @Cbro4 here, I also find this bias generalization as an insult.

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Not true I’ve seen grade 2 follow all commands and NOTAMS grade 3-5 ignore…and the controller is correct

Again I say: bias

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I’ll agree I might be bias but you can’t deny the fact my statements have some truth

Grades mean nothing when it comes to following instructions. I can personally attest to you that some of the higher XPers out there are utter crapsacks when it comes to demonstrating proficiency.

Not always.


0.7% truth, if what you say is true, then all I can say is two wrongs dont make a right (also this is a waste of a “complaint”)

Nice non bias reply…I agree

This is not a complaint or rant 🤣🤣🤣

Just remember this please…

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But it still has truth even if the percentage is small

True stuff right there

I only have 27000 ops…not to say they were all correct😂😂😂😂✈️