TS ATC enforcement

Hi everyone,

I was controlling at EGLL on TS1 and a couple of people were trolling me as a controller and purposely not following instructions. I will leave a screenshot here so Moderators can take action if they so choose. I understand that it is a training server but I feel you don’t want to follow ATC instructions, go fly in casual. These two ruined the experience for everyone who was actually listening and making the simulation as real as possible.


Displaying names is not a good idea.

Bad pilots on TS shouldn’t happen, but they do occur. On TS, on expert, and in real life. You will sometimes have to deal with them, and not let your emotions and feelings take the upper hand.

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I understand completely, but if no one enforces the rules in a Server that is meant to have ATC for a reason, people like these two will become the norm. I want to make sure that controllers on the TS don’t have this become the new trend.

It already is a trend, and won’t cease. This is the baggage that comes with controlling on TS.

New trend? It’s always been like that, it used to be A LOT worse. It’s not fun, I know - but if you want to get rid of those, you are always more than welcome to apply for IFATC. :)

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report them to mods, they can take away their XP.


I’m with you on this, training server or not, if you troll then you deserve to be punished severely. Honestly I’m glad you shared the names, ruining other people’s experience is probably the worst thing you can do.

Take a screenshot of the ATC log when it happens, only having a screenshot of their information does not suffice.

IMO I believe the quality on the training server has improved greatly in the past few months/year, it is a shame there are those who don’t follow instructions but they are learning just as you are. Take that for what it is.


I posted this in a similar topic not too long ago.

If you see someone on the Training Server who is obviously trolling and ruining the experience for others, document the incident and send a PM to a staff or mod with details of who was involved and photo/video evidence linking them to the offence.

This topic should probably be closed and the issue taken into a PM with a mod or staff member.

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