TS atc abuse of commands

hello has anyone got a reason why TS tower controllers are abusing the cleared for cleared for an immediate takeoff where is no traffic on final?. I think a report or penaltys should be put in for those that abuse some of the commands when there is no need for it.


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The sad part of this is that since it is TS we can’t do anything about that, which airport was this? Was this at one of the big hubs?

Keep in mind, everybody is still training, so the person might not know what he/she/it is doing, or how to do it correcty…

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Hi there @Alan_Scott!

The Training server is a place where People start preparing for their journey to the Expert server. We’ve all been there, the ATC make mistakes because anyone can be ATC there. Also, there are many Troll ATC’s that don’t know what they’re doing, so watch out for that!

Cheers mate!

I’d advise you to avoid the big hubs on the Training Servers, since most of the people are going there and there is always one of 2 pilots who are inexperienced who makes it difficult for the ATC. If you want to fly to airports where ATC’s are quite serieus, I’d advise you to look at #atc, since lots of people are training there. Or I’d say to go to ES, if you’re ready…

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i do understand that but surely they understand the word immediate vs line and wait 27L/27R etc

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cheers for that thanks

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