Tryna figure out when I started playing IF

Hey yall

I am trying to figure out when I started playing IF. I know this account says only 2021, but I played on my moms email way back in the day. do you guys remember when the lax-nuc days were?

Do you know what device you played on?

I played on a really old iPad which is super slow, and definitely doesn’t have IF on it anymore

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Do you still have the ipad?

it has since been reset, but yes.

I’m going to guess and go with around 2016-2017? Global came out in 2018.

I definitely played before that. lol I think i remember, maybe 2014?

If you remember playing the space shuttle mission that would be about right.

yes! maybe even 2013 I played that mission 24/7 lol

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On iOS, you can check when you downloaded/purchased the app for the first time.

Simply open up the App store → Click on your profile pic in the upper right corner → Click on purchased → Then search for Infinite Flight. A date will be present under the app title.

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great thank you!

march 23, 2014, wow I really didn’t know ive been playing for nearly 10 years!

Crazy how time… flies… when you’re having fun! 😜


badum tissssss

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