Trying to understand ATC warnings

Yesterday, I was flying out of Mexico to LAX. I spawned, got the ATIS instructions of the runways for departure, then did some other checks, built a flight plan, and asked for push back. Got the “Please follow general guidelines for ATC use etc etc etc…” Is there some insight into what this could be about? Given that there is no mechanism for me to ask, the only choice is to end the flight and go elsewhere. I did ask to repeat and got the same instruction. With no two way open communication and only standard misc responses, not sure what one can do but end.

Any ideas from anyone?


You may message the controller for the reason.

Here’s a list of controllers:

Did the airport ATIS say use SIDS and STARS?

Hey! Was there a ‘Gate Hold’ on the ATIS?

Not that I read, but I could have missed that. Good call out.

The best way to find out why you were given the CHP cmd is by contacting the controller, go into your replay and find out the controller name. Then once you have the controller you can message them here on the IFC though direct messages and ask them for reasoning.

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Thank you, will do that. Appreciate the quick feedback.

Will go through the replay and see what I missed if anything.

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keep in mind when you request things twice controllers usually get annoyed because we usually have a lot of other things going on, so I would always double check to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Yes I know that, but they make mistakes too. Having been one in RL.

We shouldn’t be speculating what happened. The OP should contact the controller via PM, also mentioned in the first reply here.

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Agreed, as soon as I can get home and check it out I will, thanks again for all the suggestions. Regards.

Went through the video, there was no gate hold. Tuned ATIS prior and asked for active runway. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions. I could not find a way on the video to find the controller. Was MMMX on Saturday 7/18.

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Roughly what time in zulu was it?

From memory now as I am at work, around 1800

Hey Bobby! Are you sure this was Saturday and not Monday? I don’t think MMMX was open on Saturday the 18th. I’d suggest taking a look at your replay when you get home to check what the exact time was. From what you’ve provided us, I think it could be @alberto_lopez who closed just before 1800Z on the 20th. When you have the exact time, I can pinpoint who it was for you. Have a good one!

Doesn’t sound like something I would have done - so Alberto will likely be your person. (if it was me it means we have some in app issues lol)

I will absolutely check. With all the work I could have had the days messed up. As soon as I get home will respond back.

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I am avaible to check it at 2300z :)

00:42:09 Z July 21.