Trying To turn the F-22 Into a SPACE SHUTTLE

Hello, today I was doing so stunts in Casual Server in EGLL, and I decided to turn my F-22 Into a SPACE SHUTTLE. Here´s some screenshots of the failed try.

Plane: Lockheed Martin F-22
Server: Casual Server
Flight Time: 5mins until I crashed
From: EGLL (Heatrow)
To: NOWR (Nowhere)
Observations: Failure to send the F-22 to space.

Picture 1: Reaching 1500Knots
Picture 2: The F-22 in Space Shuttle status
Picture 3: The moment when I failed (But there is a nice view over London)
Picture 4: Stalling

Hope you guys enjoyed.


How high did you get?

Like 100,000ft

You got to space then. The highest I have gotten without glitching was 95,000 feet. The highest I’ve gotten with glitching was 1,000,000 feet.

You can use an F-22 and, when ejecting from the runway, wait until reaching 1500 IAS and you can start your mission. :)

A classic casual server moment

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That´s right :)

Highest ive gotten without glitching was 160,000ft
Highest with glitching was 30 million feet

I love getting satalite shots with the f22

Thanks for the idea, i’ll try it.

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If i could launch a Cessna to space

i did the same! But i tried landing it lol at like mach 1.20:
Reliving Space Shuttle Nostalgia!

You could also Land a plane at M1.20. Have you even tried?

Me not:(

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