Trying to start Sun Country VA - Staff appreciated

Hi everyone. So I’ve decided I wanted to try to get into the world of VAs, and was looking for an airline to start one with. I found a sudden interest in Sun Country, an American low-cost airline headquartered in Minneapolis. Their route network is interesting, with hub and spokes routes as well as random ones between little-known cities that would be quite fun to explore. As far as I know, the last one was created in Oct '17, and closed about a month later, so I’m pretty sure I have availability to pursue this. If you are interested in helping out with documents, structure, and/or the website that would be much appreciated. I know there are no SY liveries or a callsign in the game, but hopefully those will come with time. Let’s see if we can get this VA off the ground!


I would but as SY does not have any liveries or their callsign, I can not assure I will be too motivated so I will hold off until they incorporate atleast one livery and their callsign.
Best of luck buddy!


Hate too be this person but uh have you contacted the wonderful folks at the IFVARB?

I didn’t think I needed to if I was just asking for people to help get it to an IFVARB-approval level. Do I?

Yes, you would have to contact an IFVARB member. Have a look at these 2 threads!


Ok thanks sorry about that

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