Trying to reconnect with GAF (Global Air Force )

I’m trying to talk to get ahold of mr Martinez (POTUS) or Sneed or any higher up. I’m already GAF I’ve just been away for awhile and want to resume my post with the 9th ARS Refueler. My I’d 0096 last I known of it.

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Art is a busy man. It’s better to contact @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE for a quicker response time! :D


Just send them a PM In here. @art_martinez @Asneed8706

Lt.Gen. Tom Müller No.1 Group EAF

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Thank you everyone for your amazing responses.

Hopefully they see this post. I dont know how to get ahold of them they the command site. Can some please contact them for me. Thank you very much btw I’m 2LT Aviator Jones 0096

Hi @GAF-MrAvaiator , when possible, can you please let me know your email. Under GAF, we have our refuel squadron at KWRI under the 92nd ARS. As soon as I get your email, I will brief you and then add you on to slack for further discussion. Hope all is well.

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Hi art were you able to get my email?

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