Trying to make an event Don’t know Zulu time

Currently trying to make an event for tomorrow but I don’t know what time it is in Zulu time I’m trying to make one for tomorrow April 3 7pm US western time

Use a site like this or Google to get a conversion. Zulu Time to Your Local Time Conversion -- TimeBie

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Still don’t get it 😂

7pm EST should be 2300Z if I am not mistaken.

On what to put in do I put in Zulu time my time like it’s 6:38 pm right now do I put that in Zulu time? And then for PDT what do I put there

And how do I read he chart

Ok cool thx!!! :))))

Try taking a look at this chart:

For Pacific/Western Time, you probably want to focus on these columns:

Use PDT during Daylight Savings Time (from 2AM on the second Sunday of March until 1:59AM on the first Sunday of November). We are in Daylight Savings Time right now.

Use PST whenever it’s not Daylight Savings.

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Idk how t read that I’m sorry what do the numbers to the right left and center represent

The chart uses 24-hr (“military”) time. Here’s something to help you to convert the times to the standard 12-hr system:


For the first row across, the numbers say:
0000, 1600, 1700

According to the chart above, this would translate to:
12am, 4pm, 5pm

Each column going down uses:


This means the numbers are:
12am Zulu = 4pm PST = 5pm PDT

(PDT is during Daylight Savings Time, PST is not.)

Try here;

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