Trying to log on on website so i can subscribe

Hi, I’m trying to log on to the website so I can subscribe, and play online. it wont let me log on, all it does is load. any help? Thanks!

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If not buy it in the app you dont have to use the website, I don’t!

When I try to subscribe in the app it tells me to go to some website.

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I have the same issue when I try to log in with my iPad and I had messaged Philippe about it around 5 months ago so I think they are trying to work on it. My laptop and IPhone don’t have this issue so I would recommend trying another device.

Take a screenshot please

I have attempted to help 2 people including this person it seems everyone has problems this is ridiculous, they sign up just to ask for support imagine if there was no forum it’s annoying when you can’t help them aswell

I cant. I left it at my house. I remember, it says go to

Also, which device are you using?

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My kindle.

Okay reinstall the app and try again if not then @david should be able to help, private message him (click on his name and send a message in case you don’t know), thanks sorry I can’t help much

Good thing IF has a forum or else no one would get any help.

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Thanks for the help though.

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No problem, just try and reinstall the app If not then message David, thanks hope it gets sorted

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That’s not true. We have a direct support system available that is checked daily. In addition to that is this user support section in the forum.


First make sure you have installed only the purchased copy of the app from your Amazon App Store.
If you received a specific error, please provide a screen shot of the message.
If your device is rooted or otherwise modified, please explain what or how.

If you need direct support, visit This link, and use “Contact Support”
Be sure to induce all relevant details.

Philippe doesn’t handle any of the support, so messaging him would be the wrong way to go. Please use our support options. :)

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Thanks for assisting as I didn’t know what to do about it

I was told by a Moderator to contact Philippe about any website issue.

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I had this problem once and didn’t clearly understand how i solved it but anyway…Try this…1st try using the default browser…clear its data and cache…restart device…that’s of course after installing the purchased app remember…then check your network connection and log in

Thank you, I was trying to get that to post as well. Nice and quick…cheers

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