Trying to land in Hurricane Dorian

So today I attempted to land in the hurricane let me tell you something DO NOT LAND IN THAT MONSTER.So as was land there big strong gust of winds and it was crazy and all the planes that were in air were getting pushed around like toys so when I did not get to land but I did do a sully landing and it was a buttery landing here are some pictures


Me at some airport not to far from the hurricane

  1. Me on takeoff roll


Me on my way to the hurricane I got to say wing flex was a big part of this flight


My first landing attempted which I failed miserably

  1. I decided to do a sully landing
    Hope you like this post also I’m sorry I did not take the 4K picture thing I’m in a car right now and my iPad is at home the pictures were pictures that I took before I left. Bye :)


This should go in #screenshots-and-videos :)

Anyways, nice photos!

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Thank you! Pictures were took on my iPhone XR so better pictures quality I will change the screenshot and videos thing now;)

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No worries, and please make sure the HUD isn’t visible. There is a button on the replay which you can take photos with that automatically removes the HUD. :)

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@UnitedGuy19, as the topic has been recently moved to the #screenshots-and-videos, be sure to read the Category guidelines before posting, thanks!

Was this on expert?

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Do you know what airport that was at? I want to try!

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This was on expert

I would have done it on casual if I were you


Just in case

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Yea I was very close with the violations

I’m going to try this! What airport did you try to land at, I was flying around the Bahamas but could only find 80 kt winds

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Ok guys, if you want to discuss, take it to a PM please 😉

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That’s why flying in hurricanes is the type of stuff for casual but nice pics anyway

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that’s the airport there is a lot planes in the area what I did was just follow all the planes;)

I got report by Seven people😭😢😭 thanks a lot wind

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Yeah I got knocked down from grade 4 to 2 because I put my flaps on full and she lifted off… Got reported…

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Stable and established… ;)

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If I used IFA when I flew in this weather

to high

glide slope glide slope

unstable unstable

taxiway taxiway

Me, trying to land on runway 27
approaching runway 9

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