Trying to hookup account on a another device

Hi I am trying to hook my account up on an iPad Pro new generation and its saying ‘this account isn’t linked to infinite flight pro subscription.’(error code 1). But, I have it on my iPhone 13 and it works fine. What is the deal? How can I fix this?

Thank You

Click GET PRO after that click “I already have an account” in the bottom. login with your same account.

Tell me if this works.

I did and then clicked “sign in with Infinite Flight” and there hit authorize and then that’s when the message came up.

Try this.

Once you’re done using their device, you can go to “Switch Account” and press “Revert to default account” so they don’t mess up your stats :)

Tell me if this works.

I did get signed in to IFC and then that’s when it takes me to the authorize page

Got it Nevermind

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