Trying to get the Perfect Picture

Hi! I was looking for the “perfect picture” in IF so that lead me to going on solo and experimenting. All of the photos were taken on solo, the time was changed, and some parts of the weather. I really enjoyed doing this as it was very fun. Disclaimer: I didn’t actually fly to/from the destinations listed by the photos

American Airlines A321 on final into Seattle 1/2

American Airlines A321 parked at the gate after arrival at Seattle 2/2

Singapore Airlines B78X landing in Changi 1/1

JetBlue A320 Departing out of Nassau 1/2

JetBlue A320 Landing in Orlando 2/2

Swiss B77W over the Alps with a low fog 1/2

Swiss B77W over the Alps 2/2

Qantas A380 Landing in Australia 1/1

And finally, our last two pictures are a of a Cessna Citation X departing out of Bora Bora (NTAA)

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I always appreciate feedback! :)


Beautiful pics


Awesome pictures dude
Great job


Sorry I messed up the poll for the first couple of times. Thanks guys!

Accidentally put two🤦🏻‍♂️ wasn’t thinking about the kind of pole but 2 is my favourite picture and the quality of the pictures is a solid 9.5/10 they’re really amazing especially the first 3

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