Trying to get grade 4/5

I was wondering how do you know when your level 2/3 violation will be gone I know level 1 violation is wait a week I just wanted to know so I know when I will be grade 4 or grade 5 since I think I have all the requirements for those grades

Click the “Show Violation History” button on the bottom right of the grade table. This will show you all your violations and when you received them.


I know that but how do you know when they will be gone

That would be dependent on what is shown on your grade table. Looking at your screenshot, you meet the Level2/3 requirement for Grade 4; however, you have too many level 1 violations within 7 days.

Level 2/3 violations affect your grade table stats for 1 year. Check out the times in the () for more information. You can take the times on your table and check the violation history to estimate when they violation will drop off

So what your saying is since I have to many level 1 violation I have to wait a year

Or do I wait till the level 1 violation go away in I think a week or longer

Unfortunately, yes. I experienced the same thing last year.

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Ok I see that what I figured would be my problem

No, you asked about level 2/3 violations. The only thing holding you back from grade 4 right now is your level 1 violations within 7 days, as shown in your screenshot as well as the total level 2/3 violations

Level 1 violations have more requirements outside the 1 year stipulation.

Oh sorry about the confusion after hearing you out I know now

After taking a look at your stat table, it also looks like you have 5 lvl 2/3 violations in the last year. You must wait till your oldest violation turns one year old before you can reach grade 4.

This goes along with with Drummer was saying about your lvl 1 violations

So after a whole year I can

A whole year after your oldest level 2/3 violation will get you to grade 4, im not sure what the grade 5 requirements are in terms of violations.

Not necessarily. Look at your violation history, how many days ago was your oldest lvl 2 or 3 violation? When the age turns 365 days and along with your lvl 1 vios, you’ll be able to access grade 4 and eventually grade 5

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Ok thanks for the help

I got all the requirements to grade but I haven’t moved up does anyone know why?


Because the landings per violations is 0.05 which the requirement needs to be below 0.05

Ohh so it can’t be exactly it has to be lower got it thanks.

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