Trying to get caught up to speed.

A lot has happened lately, I know it said said there were 3 planes coming out. I am aware of the first two (A350&XCUB).

Here is where I’m confused…we just voted on the 777 rework, and there was mention of the A330 being reworked. So is one of these planes the 3rd one then? Does the 777 being voted on mean that now takes priority over the A330? Are we still going to get a reworked A330?


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Hey Pasta King,

Currently, the three aircraft scheduled to be reworked/made are the xCub, A350, and the B777.

The A330 had undergone a ‘soft-rework’ recently, and a full rework is still due and will come in the future.

We know nothing less, nothing more.

Hopefully, that clarified your confusion :)


Yes, after the X Cub and A350 the 777 will be in line to get reworked!

You can also check Development Timeline for updates on everything, and some cool photos! 😉

Have a nice day!


Cool, thank you!

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