Trying to fit infinite flight into my busy schedule

Hello everyone. I have been struggling in trying to fit infinite flight into my busy schedule. Do you have any tips or tricks?


Just schedule everything. When you want to do what at evey day. Play Infinite Flight when you are free and when you have nothing to do anymore :) GOODLUCK!!!


Takeoff and get to cruising then do what you need to do then land.


Thank you so much I will try this when I get the chance. 😊

One way I play during a busy schedule is I do an all day flight. I wake up early in the morning and start a flight that will get done that night. It’s a great way to do long distance flights and fit it in with your schedule!

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Try to fly long haul and do other stuff while cruising. This is what I do.

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One I recently found is doing a flight on solo mode and utilizing the 5x feature! Allows you to do a 1-2 hour flight within minutes.

It also allows you to do an 18-hour flight in 3 hours. I’m doing KLAX to KHJK in the B737BBJ right now!


One way to fit IF in is to get it going and then let it go while you’re doing something else

I personally use my tablet’s ability to multitask - that way I can have IF chug along in the background while I annotate annoyingly long school work PDFs, watch videos and even play other games.
Before I got the tablet though, I just used a secondary device when I knew i needed my main one for business.

Those are just some things I’ve done to better allow myself to fly from point 1 to point 2 without any large impacts. Now I don’t know what your schedule consists of, so the things I do may not work for you, but it can work for others so I’m leaving it here

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I have been having problems with fitting infinite flight into my schedule and the main thing I’ve learned is don’t force it. it is nice when you are able to find times to fit infinite flights into your schedule but when you do it too much. It can make infinite flight start feeling like a chore instead of a hobby you can enjoy doing. so if you have the chance do a flight but make sure not to fit every open time you have with a flight. even if it might be tempting.

another thing I’ve found is that choosing routes can be hard because there are just so many options. if you have free time in the morning and night you can do a day time-long haul flight from 10-13 hours long. I find these routes great because I like to do realistic commercial flights and this allows you to do a long haul that you can continue to check on through the day to observe your progress throughout the day. there are plenty of spots online to help you choose routes but here are some suggestions of routes I’ve enjoyed a ton.

less than an hour: PHOG - PHNL Hawaiian or southwest, KDEN - KASP United, WSSS - WMKK Singapore or Malaysia airlines
1-2 hours: KSLC - KSGU Delta, KDCA - KBOS JetBlue, SEGU - SEGS Avianca
2-3 hours: KDEN - KSFO united or frontier, KMIA - KLGA american, BIKF - EIDW Iceland air
3-4 hours KMDW - KSAN southwest, KMIA, SKBO Avianca or American, EGLL - LTFM Turkish or British Airways
4-5 hours: YSSY - YPPH Qantas, KATL - KSEA Alaskan or Delta, KSFO - KEWR United
5-6 hours: KLAS - PHOG southwest, PHNL - KSFO United, UUEE - UIII Aeroflot.
6-7 hours: PANC - PHNL Alaskan, KIAD - EGLL United or British, OTHH - EGCC Qatar.

those are just a few. one last thing is ATC can get in the way so if you have tight scheduling avoid Airports with active ATC. other than that, Happy Flying!

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I tend to fly a couple of short 1 - 2hr hops mid week, usually when my wife is watching TV so that i am still in the room and dont get accused of missing out on the family.

At the Weekend I will often do a couple of long hauls, so either plan to take off late evening then get up early in the morning to land or take off first thing in the morning then plan to be around to land. However, the overnight flights are easiest to plan!

do a long haul at night for example:
Changi-Istanbul is 9 hours

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