Trying to find flight numbers without Covid-19

Does anyone know a website where you can find flights that would happen without Covid-19. Im trying to make a flight map, but I can’t make a map because all of these flights are cancelled due to Covid-19. Where should I find a website to find normal scheduled flights without Covid-19 in the way? Thanks!

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Are you looking for routes from an airport?

I use the Wikipedia for a certain airport for all of the routes from it. If you’re looking for flight numbers or aircraft look a few months in the future on Google Flights (at least that’s what I do right now)! This blog post may also help out:

I am making a flight map, and I need for example “HKG-HND flight schedule” but nothing will pop up because of Covid-19, I need something that ignore Covid-19.

Flightconnections is a good one.

Ohhh man that’s such a great idea! is a good one. That’s what I’ve been using from right now

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You can always search google flight a few months into the future.
Flightaware goes three months back if you have an account.
Also flightradar24’s route from airport feature is actually a bit bugged atm, and sometimes will display currently inactive destinations.

Look up “ICAO-ICAO” on Google. Then scroll down until you see “more results from”, click it.
After that a bunch of flights will pop up. Make sure to only click the ones with “history” on them and to open the link on Chrome, not on the app.

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