Trying to find airports with the plane spotter. Please help!

Hey guys, I was wondering if wether I’d be able to call upon your observations whilst at airports in IF, to help me? I like doing photography in the sim, and one of my top interests, is capturing a shot of a plane, with the spotter in front, like he is also taking a picture of said aircraft.

However, unfortunately it seems no one has made a dedicated list of where the best airports are, to capture photos of the spotters.

I’m aware airports like LA and Zurich have good ones, but finding others can be a challenge, especially when you need to spend ages searching an airport for them.

If you guys can help, I’d be greatly appreciative. I’ll even share the results on this thread afterwards. Thank you!

Your fellow aviator, Captain Kermit. 💯✈️

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There’s Mortiz at KDFW on Founder’s Plaza!

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the Moritz cage below the intl terminal at YVR

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Cheers! Will check it out. 😁

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