Trying to Find a User, Search Term is too Short

Hey all!

Today I come to you with an unusual question.

I’m trying to find a user on the IFC that goes by the display name of “KC”. The problem is that when I search the username on the search bar, it tells me the search term is too short. I feel like I’ve seen them on the IFC before, but it could simply be my mind playing tricks on me.

If anyone know if they even are on the IFC and could give my their @, that’d be awesome! Thanks all!

(also the category might be wrong, I just chose the most fitting one)


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Is their name only KC? Also, not everyone in game is on the IFC so they might not be in here

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Their display name sometimes isn’t their actual ifc name unfortunately and they may not even be on the forum. I’ve never heard of them.

It may be @KC_Aviation

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I suspect they may not be on the IFC. Yes, it is only “KC”. I just wanted to double check before I called it quits on searching.


Maybe this will work? ^

Does not appear to work.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation! It’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me, thinking I’ve seen them around before.

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Yep. Just know, that account may not be the user you are looking for but simply the closest thing I found that relates to your inquiry.

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Alright. By “confirmation” I mean confirming my theory that I’m just making stuff up haha! Still, thank you!

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