Trying to find a sweet pot in sensitivity

When I’m taking off or landing the pitch of the aircraft to me feels to fast so I tried different sensitivity setting but they didn’t work, low was to slow when I make adjustments, and normal was to fast I would tilt my phone like 1 cm vertically and the Plane would go space shuttle status and I am really getting angry about it.

A few questions:

What aircraft were you using?
Vertical speed?

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In airbus is flaps 2 with a train of around 15-20

The Boeing is 15 flaps and same amount of trim

What type of Boeing and Airbus?

Most of the time I’m flying the A350 or 777

Try taking out the 737 or A318. They are both very good trainer aircraft. Also what it your usual speed and vertical speed when landing? I’ll link below some helpful resources to learn how to get softer landings. I’m assuming this issue is less about sensitivity and more about speed/technique. I highly recommend watching Infinite Flight’s tutorials on YouTube. :)

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Thanks and I Healy going 140kts and at a vertical speed of 700

I would just make sure you are calibrated comfortably before seating trim and not pitching down too much.

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