Trying to do the longest flight in the whole IF History

Hey there! i came on the idea to try to do the longest flight (credit goes to @Robertine )

i took of with an B777-200ER (not a good choice, noticed after filing my flight plan 10 minutes or more long)

Departure Airport: WIII
Arrival Airport: LFPG
Cruising SPD: 349kts
Altitude: 16’000ft
FPL goes all around the globe
Estimated arrival in about 35 hours
you can (if you want) escort me, take off of RWY 07L at WIII and then set A/P HDG to 10° sometime later you’ll should see an B777-200ER Japan Airlines and copy my FPL and set the NAV A/P etc.

would be awesome to see someone of you!

NOTE: I will upload Screenshot’s after the flight with the replay file.


Ummm, you won’t make that straight, and FL160 is extremely low and the cruise speed 😓
I recommend, for above 30,000 feet going mach .84 but climb slowly
And i think this should be in #live


I won’t stop you too much there, but I hate to break it to you that there are a few things I notice:

  1. Someone can change this to #live
  2. 349knts is right under the overspeed limit. You are at risk of earning some if not plenty of violations
  3. 349knts is way to quick for the 777-200ER. I understand you want to fly this as fast as possible, but it burns more fuel rather than flying at 310knts, and eventually M 0.84.
  4. You will have to land and refuel bud.

Thanks for making it more clear:))))

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Changed to live for you.


When are you taking off and whet server? I might be able to escort you ;)

good luck :)

Good luck 😄👍🏽

Yea the altitude is a bit too low to fly such a long range

The current record is 72 hours. For the longest flight time it is recorded in flight hours only so mid air refuelling or landing to refuel is allowed.

Ok thanks guys for the tips
i am on Expert server by the way
my nearest airport is UASS/UASK if anyone wants to escort me

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ill escort you out in a hour

Although this is back from almost a year ago, you’d have to fly for up to over 72 hours to beat the record. I wish you good luck, and if you ever need an escort, just ask me.

ok, luckily i have a 2nd phone to writte some stuff in the IFC what is good

if anyone wants to escort me
nearest airport is UUOB 18nm away from me
im a 777-200ER Japan Airlines 284

Where are you now? And what server?

Expert Server, nearest airport: LKHJ

did u land?

The higher you fly the lower your fuel consumption is so I’d fly at FL380 or maybe even FL400

no, i have to fly more than 60 hours