Trying to create new account - failed

Hello IFC.

I have just tried to make a new account (with a different email address, name, etc.) and it wouldn’t let me.

Here’s what it said:

If you know how to solve this and tell me how to, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Try the solutions suggested here:

It is a VA account right?

  • Known issue with Chrome
  • Use Incognito window Crtl-Shift-N
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Thanks Ondrej.

Yes, it’s for a VA account that I’m trying to create.

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Ok, so I don’t know what Sam (Discours’ co-founder) means by this.

"I am afraid I am closing this for at least 3 more weeks to let Google have a chance at fixing this.

I hear that people are frustrated. @codinghorror’s call here is Chrome password generator is broken, Google should fix Chrome . Discourse is refusing to add a switch or setting for Discourse core unless we have actual customers that push us.

If you want to work around this it would be a 10 line theme component. Probably less.

That is … less letters than this actual post.

If you really want said theme component, post on #marketplace and I guarantee someone will build it. It would take me 15-20 minutes to build the component. Place a $2000 bounty on it I can guarantee someone will be keen to get $2000 an hour." -Sam

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So, what should I do? How can I post my VA thread?

Read through and find a solution that works for some. Use a incognito tab on chrome

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Ok, thanks.

Do you have any chrome browser extentions that can intefere? @Vinne?

Have you tried using Microsoft Edge?

I do have Kaspersky that my dad added, which is a VPN (I think).

Still doesn’t work, even in incognito:

Thanks @Qantas094: that was the solution!

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For once Edge is useful, you’re welcome mate.


Understatement of the year. Could be the first time I’ve ever heard of Edge being useful

@Vinne - Glad you got it worked out.