Trying to connect my 3d pro joystick to IF

Hi guys!, i bought an extreme 3d pro joystick but it won’t recognise on my Macbook live flight connect. I’m trying to connect my joystick through my infinite flight on my android tablet to live flight connect on my Macbook, it says it’s connected but it won’t respond to my inputs on the joystick or won’t recognise my joystick at all. Has any body else had this problem before.

That’s because LiveFlight Connect isn’t supported anymore.

also, please move the topic to #thirdparty

Try to disable firewall

Hello @Qlink2218 , how are you? Hope so! Live Flight connect, unfortunately does not work for some people, but I suggest two ways for you to try these other projects that also work very well.

Today I use this one today. It works perfectly. In my opinion it is the best and the most accurate without falls.👇👇

I hope you can solve it🙂


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