Trying To cast

Can I cast my LG Stylo 2 Plus phone so I can see my game live on my chromecast

Can you be more specific, I don’t really get what your talking about. Are you trying to see your screen on a different device?

If so, I believe a simple cable should be able to do it.


I have a chromecast and when im doing Atc live on my phone i want to cast my phone to my roku tv so i can see it on the tv

Yes, as I stated, there will be a cable which attaches to your TV, just search on the internet and you’ll come upon one. You’ll be able to see it on your TV Screen but you will still have to use your phone for the touching part.

You’d have to check with the Roku to check if games can be casted to the TV. Unfortunately I don’t think you can :)

Thanks all…can someone close this topic for me…thanks again

Flag it please. Use the “something else” option and ask for it to be closed