Trying Something New

For these photos, I wanted to try a style of editing I haven’t really used before; Noir. I was sort of aiming for a vintage vibe, with the Spitfire and the P-38. I haven’t used this style before, so if you have any tips, please let me know. Enjoy the photos!

Route: EGNX - EGNX
Aircraft: Spitfire, P-38
Server: Solo

A Spitfire before start-up

Speeding up over the runway, while the gear goes up

Banking away from East Midlands

Some stunts 😈

Spitfire with a black background

Catching the prop while the Spitfire dives

Heading back to the airport

P-38 Photos
I didn’t include too many, because after editing, I wasn’t too happy with most of the photos.

Miss Virginia sitting on the ramp

Cruising over England

Once again, please let me know if you have any pointers for this style of editing! I hope you liked the photos! Let me know if you had a favorite!


Bravo. These shots are really good. It actually looks vintage.


Thanks a lot! I wasn’t sure how good they were going to be!

Well if you ever do this again I know it’ll be good if you do it like this. These are great.

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Awesome photos, love those Spitifre videos ones!

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you took this from a Documentery dint you?

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