Trying out every aircraft and airline in IF Pt.3: Airbus A318 (old)

I should have predicted this lol
The Old livery was chosen for the test flight!
(Tests were done in solo)
Now enjoy the shots!

1.First we have a steep takeoff to showoff the engine power!

2.Flying local to test the handling of aircraft. The gear isn’t retracted during the initial testing. Anyone know the reason?

3.Now it’s the crosswind landing. crabbing all the way!

4.Let’s do a low approach with maximum angle of attack!

5.The most challenging one, the low-visibility approach. How reliable are these instruments?

6.Finally, a rejected-takeoff test!

Bonus shot! The early morning approach

Hope you all enjoyed!

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Next time it’s the popular British Airways! The most famous route of it is undeniably the trans-atlantic flight between England and the US. You can decide the direction of my flight!

BA A318 route
  • Westbound! Shannon-New York JFK
  • Eastbound! New York JFK-London City

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Nice shots! And some fun examples of test-flight procedures.

Two reasons as far as I know:

  • If you’re testing take-off configurations and low speeds, the gear isn’t and shouldn’t be retracted. Only as you push the envelope, does it become necessary to retract the gear.

  • It’s also for safety - if during initial testing, an emergency occurs, the pilots should be able to get back down with a minimal list of distractions and complications. Dealing with a possible landing gear extension failure should definitely be off that list, so the gear is kept down so there’s no possibility of that happening.

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