Trying out every aircraft and airline in IF Pt.1: ACJ A318

It’s kind of boring only fly around my home country…So I came up with this idea. It’ll be a good opportunity for me to explore new regions and learn about new airlines and I strongly recommend you to do this as well!
According to the livery list in IF the first try will be the ACJ A318. Since There are 5 of them I’ll only pick 1 to represent all. From the next episode on it’s up to YOU to choose where to fly!

Today I’m doing a short hop from Geneva (LSGG) to Luxembourg (ELLX). The flight time is about 45min, which is great for those wanting a quick route!


(Not including procedures)

Now enjoy the shots!

Rotating as the mountains loomed into view

Geneva airport, viewed from back cabin

Cruising above European country fields

Descending into fog, viewed from middle cabin

Configured for landing

Touched down, I like the way tires reflecting sunlight

Hope you like them!

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Next time it’s Air France! Vote for my next route!

Air France A318 Route
  • Paris Fly-in! Barcelona(LEBL)-Paris(LFPG)
  • Paris Fly-in! Zurich(LSZH)-Paris(LFPG)
  • Paris Fly-out! Paris(LFPG)-Hamburg(EDDH)
  • Paris Fly-out! Paris(LFPG)-Birmingham(EGBB)

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Great photos! I really think that is a good idea instead of flying your home country

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Yeah! I think everyone should step out of their home country sometimes and take a look at the world!

I really love number 6! I love how it was butter and the sun reflects on the tires.


you are so right!

I like all of them. hoping to see more pics!

Awesome pics.