Trying out CHI Aerospace | Discovery Flight

Hey everyone!
On Sunday, May 17, 2020, I will be trying out CHI Aerospace, located in Portsmouth, NH!

They are located right on the airfield, which is not even a mile away from where I work at Port City Air.

Why am I trying them out? Well, they’re the closest (literally) Flight School to my Job. If I like their work, then I will consider moving on to actually taking lessons with them.

They own three RV-12’s, and one Cessna 172, and some other planes which I don’t see often at their hanger.

I will be flying on their Cessna 172 (Reg: N1355F), as I have previously done flights on a 172.

I would also like to note that a coworker I know gave me a PPL FAA knowledge test book for me to study. I am currently on Topic One about Airplanes and Aerodynamics


Discovery Flight moved to June 2, 2020 (Tuesday)

CHI contacted me and asked if I wanted to move my flight to another day, and so I asked for June 2, as that’s my day off of work.

Hoping for clear skies that day, and I will have the same instructor :)


Sounds fun an interesting!

Good luck :)

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