Trying out Air India Express

Today, this morning I flew Air India Express for the first time to Abu Dhabi, so here’s some photos

Route: CCJ-AUH, Air India Express 737-800, Expert, 11:30 pm Sim time, flight time: 3:24h


These are some nice pictures, however unfortunately they do not adhere to the Screenshots and Videos category rules which are linked below. As per the rules below, all HUD views, sidebars, display names and aircraft boxes must be hidden.

Feel free to retake the photos and edit this topic so that your pictures adhere to the category rules.

Take care mate!


If you replace the pics in the topic with the following (all parts of UI cropped out), you’ll be good to go.

I have to say; this is an incredibly gorgeous livery. It’s always great to try out these new aircraft in regions you don’t usually fly in. The clouds look great too, nice pics!

Yes it is, how do you remove the UI?

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I simply cropped your pictures so that the UI can’t be seen.

However, normally it’s advised you take photos in replay mode so all UI are automatically hidden

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Oh ok, thank you

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Ill fly with this soon in IF to Hydrabad. Nice

Feel free to create a new topic when all criteria has been met