Trying Out a New Location (BRU/EBBR)

Hello everyone and welcome, I hope you’re all having a great day!

It has certainly been a while since I went spotting, last time being November, if you want to check out my last spotting topic, here it is: General Aviation Takeover.

Anyway yesterday, on the 20th of February, I went spotting again. This time, I went to a different location with someone from my school. We did end up going away from that spot after a nice security guard kindly told us we were on private property, which we didn’t know at the time.

The location we went to had quite a nice view of runway 07L/25R which is the most used runway at the airport, being primarily used by cargo and general aviation traffic, and also used for all takeoffs (passenger aircraft included).

The only “downside”, if you want to call it that, is that all pictures are backlit, dun dun duuuuun.

Anyway just like last time, these shots are edited and I think I did a pretty good job.

Basic information:

  • Landing runway: 25L and 25R
  • Departing runway: 25R
  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 100-400mm

And now, of course, the photo’s!

To begin with, I had been there for a while, some aircraft already came by, we got to see this Lufthansa Airbus A319 (D-AIBJ) in the Star Alliance livery, heading to Frankfurt Airport (FRA/EDDF). Behind that is a United 777-200ER which I will cover after this.

After that, this United Boeing 777-200ER (N78003), which was behind the Lufthansa A319 from above, was seen blasting off towards O’Hare International Airport (ORD/KORD).

Not too long after that we got to see this this private Cessna 560XL Citation Excel (OK-SLX) taking off, bound for Vnukovo International Airport (VKO/UUWW).

A while after that, after my school mate told me he saw an A350 land earlier (trust me when I say my face was similar to the surprised Pikachu meme), it taxied from the cargo apron, and gave us a nice view.

So, here is an absolutely stunning Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350-1000 (G-VPOP) rolling down the runway, bound for Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).

After that departure, I thought it couldn’t get any better, I thought ‘this day has reached it’s peak’… I was very wrong…

From the distance, appeared the powerful Boeing C-17A Globemaster III (07-7184, not sure if that’s actually the registration or just some numbers on the tail…) blasting off of runway 25R, headed to… well Charleston Air Force Base (CHS/KCHS) I suspect.

Quite a while later, we got another nice cargo-flight-operated-by-a-passenger-aircraft… flight. Here is an ANA Boeing 787-9 (JA891A) slowing down after a flight from Narita International Airport (NRT/RJAA).

Not too long after, we got another arrival, this was another airline I had never seen at Brussels before. Here we have an Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F (N412MC) arriving from Almaty International Airport (ALA/UAAA).

After that we got another small aircraft, this Cessna 560XL Citation Excel (OO-MLG) using reverse thrust after arriving from an unknown departure airport.

Not too long after, a nice security guard came up to us and informed us that where we were standing was actually private property, and kindly asked us to leave, so we went to the end of runway 25R, to get some more shots there.

Here we have a Hainan Airlines Airbus A330-200 (B-5979) departing towards Xi’an Xianyang International Airport (XIY/ZLXY). I was also able to get the moon in the shot!

And last but certainly not least, we have this Brussels Airlines Airbus A330-300 (OO-SFG) headed for N’djili Airport (FIH/FZAA).

And that’s it! Even though most shots were backlit, and not all of them were perfectly sharp, I think most of them turned out rather nicely.

Anyway I hope you liked the pictures! Let me know what I could improve on, and which ones were your favourite!

Have a great day everyone!


Amazing pictures! The only advice I have is to drop the photos so the aircraft is in the center.

Other than that well done!!


I’ve been on that exact flight! Great shots!


So beautiful 🤩, great job on these!

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Yeah, I’ll try cropping pictures when I have more time.

@Pilot_Felix awesome and thank you!

@Infinite_Qantas thanks mate!


Great photos Timmy!

That Hainan A330 moonshot is absolutely incredible!

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Thank you!

And I agree, I was definitely lucky to get that.

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Nice to see some very cool pictures from Brussels! The traffic shown is really diverse, which is always a positive and the terminal background is very interesting as well :)

Thanks for sharing!

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Very positive indeed (perks of having an air base on international airport grounds). Thanks very much mate!


Amazing pictures!! I love the Haina Airline😍😍

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Can’t wait to see the A330 Brussels Airlines on the A330 Rework

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Thanks mate! I love that one as well.

@Baba I really hope it gets added too!

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I’ve make a promise to all of my friend, if the A330 of Brussels Airlines don’t coming, i leave IF

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That’s a big promise, let’s hope it comes then!

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