Trying my best to create a new livery in Infinite Flight

I think Rwandair is one of my favorite airline. And im starting to attempt editing photos
Here is my take on editing:

I really want tips, so don’t be afraid to be negative

But here are the information I want you to know:

  1. I didn’t use photoshop, I used
    Photo Editor : Pixlr X - free image editing online

  2. I just started without any training

  3. I messed up the lightness of the blue

I hope it gets better, and please tell me tips


It looks good!! i think the line between the blue and White could be a little less bummpy

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don’t really know how to fix that, there’s really only a brush… I guess practice makes perfect…

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Nice job on your first edit, practice makes perfect!


It looks really good other than the fact that the line between the white and blue looks a bit wobbly. Otherwise it’s good!


How do you do this? Do you have to take a screenshot during a flight and just edit over that?

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It looks a bit desaturated but other than that and the bumpy curve, nice edit!

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So basically

Fix the bumpy lines!

From a distance it looks beautiful man!

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I guess that’s all there is to say! Keep going, @anon45500775!


Are you using a mobile device?

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Nice first edit remeber we all started some where but what others have stated the lines are a bit wobbly. But like the others say practice makes perfect.

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No a computer

I’d recommend getting MediBang Paint. It’s something free to start on. A tip I would suggest is setting your paint and logo layers to multiply.

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I’ll check it out

You know what… it’s actually really good…

I might actually switch to this…


Awesome effort. If the blue was a bit darker, i couldn’t have told if this was an edit or not!!! Keep it up!!!

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Did u cut paste the logo on a genric livery?

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Yes, I did

This is pretty well done for a first try apart from this one and the clearness of the lines (blue/white and winglets).

Probably you could zoom in for the “painting” to make it more exact?

Otherwise a really good job, thanks for sharing!

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