Trying IF New Update (100m Visibility)

👍 The 100m makes me Can’t see the Plane (2 Thumbs Up) and I Tried WSSS on new look… It was Awesome (Thanks to @carmalonso and @Jonathan for Awesome Airport Editing) I Can’t wait to see the next update 😆😆😆😆


Thank you! :)
@Nick_Art is making further improvements to WSSS, stay tuned :)


If I’m in that case

“Ladies and Gentlemen this your captain, the flight is delayed until visibility clears up”

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What would be awesome in this weather would be having runway markings like ‘Runway ahead’ in bold red. I’m aware they have already updated this but still waiting for it to go in!

Good job :)


sorry for my ignorance but what did they actually improve on the airports?

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Formatting. Redesigning…

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