Trying for best contrasting images - A bit of an Adventure

So, I’m thinking: how far can I imagine getting at this moment, from the “middle of nowhere?”

CS, midday, decided to see, how far “way west” I might get (with maybe a latitude drift too):

Ascending out of Sedona, headed west to Monterey.

Just before a steep 180 turning descent into Monterey out over the water, here passing the Salinas Valley.

Ascending west out of the Monterey Peninsula with full tanks, it will be nothing but blue for hours.

Serentiy, gliding through thinnest air, eternal ocean, around the tiny blue marble.

But pragmatism of survival requires an expensive fuel stop, halfway across the Pacific. That reality only shows new wonders, not anticipated.

Continuing west, next stop Lord Howe Island. A little annoyed at the high fuel bill out here, gotta admit.😕

Can I make the runway at Lord Howe? Is it irresponsible? The adventure continues. To be continued (maybe🫣)…


Nice photos!

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Thank you! Continuing to be struck by amazing scenery in unexpected locations …

Space for 4 more: