Trying departures for the first time at Amsterdam schiphol

Whoever was the approach on the TS (Training Server)@ EHAM while I was DEPARTURES …Thank you for allowing me to try Departures radar and every pilot somehow…know…how to chill on training server😍😍😍😍 God. I guess training server does serve a purpose


I will be honest I had to close my session because I’m learning departure first before I have to learn approach and doing everything at one time so my apologies

I’m just trying to be a departure controller today and I understand at airports that are not busy you have to do both

Great job bro hope to see you in expert soon 👌🏻👊🏻

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I don’t think that will ever happy just review my post according to everybody I’m a menace

I think that was me for a short while, mate

It is departuresl…the Forgotten frequency.👀😂😂

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And dear Lord if you should tell somebody to go left or right or deviate from their flight plan as the departure controller you might die got that. Now you definitely don’t know what you’re doing while you’re trying to separate traffic which is your main job God. And when is no approach controller good Lord you have two jobs to do and when you don’t answer approach controller or Pilot you’re viewed as if you don’t know what the hell you doing

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It can be a nightmare.

Remember, if they requested vectors, give them it. If they request anything else, it’s at their discretion

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The funny thing is I’m only trying to do departures but I got to worry about terrain this that in all the things and approach controller does🙄😂😂 God God. Such as vectoring into the airport

Are you active now?

I’m sorry for the late response… when I’m doing departures…again I’ll let you know… it will be at Amsterdam schiphol

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